Arctic Cat Power Valve Sets - Bellow Style

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We have incorporated the Ski-Doo gas exhaust valve technology into an easy bolt on for the Arctic Cat ZR-800/900, F6/M6-- F7/M7 and now the F-800/1000, M-1000 and Crossfire 800/1000 twins. There is no need to play with cables or the reprogramming of your CDI to change the opening rpm of the valve. You can adjust the opening rpm by adding or removing shims or different thrust springs. We have also added a pop-up indicator on the front of the valve that simulates the opening and closing of the valve. This feature allows you to synchronize and adjust the opening rpm right on your jack stand. Assemblies are shipped pre-calibrated ready to bolt-on and ride. We do stock different spring combinations for finer tuning, please contact us if required.

The ZR models now require no alteration. The complete valve assembly is made of billet and comes with the plug-in servo chip for the EFI. The billet valve blades will fit previous valve housings and are offered as an upgrade. Please call.

The F6/F7/M7, F-800 & HO-800/1000, M-1000 and Crossfire 800/1000 require no alteration.  The complete valve and housing assembly are made of billet.  We also include a plug-in chip to the ECU harness that allows you to remove the servo motor without defaulting the ignition timing.

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