STM Rage 3 VL Snowmobile Primary Clutch STD (non-HD)

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  • STM Rage 3 VL Snowmobile Primary Clutch STD (non-HD)
  • STM Rage 3 VL Snowmobile Primary Clutch STD (non-HD)


Available for most OEM tapered crankshafts 30mm - 35mm. Available in several diameters. Rigid reinforced tied tower design for higher horsepower applications and to prevent tower spread. The Rage Primary is capable of using any cam arm on the market.  We have incorporated a pin size option for every clutch we make by providing a pin conversion design in the movable sheave.  Pin conversions are available in 1/4, 5/16 fixed pin (Arctic Cat) and 8mm diameter (specify when ordering). The cover is designed to use Arctic Cat or Polaris springs providing a wide variety of spring rates to choose from. Each clutch assembly comes with spanner wrench for assembly - disassembly of the clutch to remove the spider. Part number 1001070 primary clutch holding tool is required when removing or installing the screw-on spider. Works on all STM primary clutch's. Sold separately.

When ordering use this guide to help you pick options

Choose a year – Let us know what year your sled is so we can make sure all the clutch components, bolt, puller, etc. are correct.

Choose make – What is the make? This also helps us to make sure you are getting the right components.

Enter your model – Tell us what model you have, this assures you are getting the right offset and taper - any extra info helps like (2 stroke or 4 stroke).

Choose a taper – If you know what taper your crank has choose that taper, if not, try to look it up or call a dealer.

Choose a pin kit – You will need to pick one of the pin kits listed for the style of weights you are going to use. 

If unsure with requirements please call in your order.

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