STM Rage 3-VL XP-Turbo Primary Clutch

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  • STM Rage 3-VL XP-Turbo Primary Clutch
  • STM Rage 3-VL XP-Turbo Primary Clutch


 Rigid reinforced tied tower design for stock or higher horsepower applications and to prevent tower spread. Part number 1001070 primary clutch holding tool is required when removing or installing the screw on spider. Works on all STM primary clutch's. Sold separately.
Spanner tool also available- sold separately Part# 1001020

When ordering use this guide to help you pick options


Choose a Model – EX: RZR pre-2010, RZR 2011-2013, XP……


Choose Rage # - Pick which arm clutch you want, Rage 3 your basic replacement clutch, rage 6 is most popular dual stage clutch that will handle most applications even low boost turbo, Rage 8 is for higher HP applications that require heavy cam arms.


Conversion Kit - You will choose the 1001321 when running the STM weights. Or choose the 1001323 if you want to run a Polaris style weight for a ¼ pin.


Choose a spring - The most popular spring is the PATV9 gold that will get you engagement around 2000 to 2500 RPM the red, orange, white and purple will have a higher engagement with purple being the highest. The bright green is a lower rate spring will engage around 1500 RPM or choose none if you want to use your own spring.


Choose weights – For the RZR with a Rage 3 choose 45ATVX3, Rage 6 Choose the 45ATVX, RZR with a Rage 8 choose 45ATVX, For the stock XP with a Rage 6 choose 45ATVX, XP Turbo with Rage 6 choose 50ATVX, XP Turbo with Rage 8 choose 45ATVX


Choose Engine HP – Let us know about your bike. Is it naturally aspirated/stock? Big bore kit? Does it have a turbo? If you have a turbo-how much boost? This gives us an idea of how to set the weights up. KEEP IN MIND WE CAN ONLY GET YOU CLOSE WITH WEIGHT SET UP. Everyone's riding style is different so it’s up to the customer to do the fine tuning!


If unsure with requirements, please call in and speak with a sales tech for assistance with your order.

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