Supertip TRA Cam Arms 20TRAC

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We now have an XP 800R clutch kit that comes with a TRA spring and the arms set up to the proper weight. This set up works awesome with the stock secondary as  shown in our Dyno graph and has been field tested as well.

See part # 21XPCK 7075 Billet TRA arm. Five positions on each side of the arm for adding our 7 gram tungsten inserts and 1 gram washers that are fastened by 2 gram screws. Each arm is capable of adding 72 grams of weight. Supplied with a 4 gram aluminum pin that can be loaded up to 22 grams or a 12 gram steel pin that can be loaded up to 30 grams (specify when ordering). The arms are 45 grams empty with the roller and pin or 35 grams completely empty. We provide pins with the arms that can also have the washers and tungsten added to the ends. A great tuning tool for the REV, REV XP and Mach Z.

These SUPERTIP Cam Arms are not recommended at RPM ranges above 9000 RPM 

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